Monday, February 6th, 2023

AMD Threadripper Exclusive to Lenovo ?

There’s a chance you’ve noticed fewer options available and longer lead times from different PC system builders.

That’s because supply for Threadripper 3000 and Threadripper Pro 3000 processors has been severely low over the past several months, according to executives at six PC builders and one IT distributor in the US who spoke to The Register.

A few said supply was at an all-time low in the history of Threadripper, which AMD introduced in 2017 as high-performance processors that have largely outperformed Intel’s competing parts for heavy-duty applications like video editing over the past few years.

The complicating factor for these system builders — which includes long-running and well-known boutique system builders featured on AMD’s website, such as Maingear, Velocity Micro, and Puget Systems — is that they don’t yet have access to the newly launched Threadripper Pro 5000 parts.

The reason? AMD launched the new Threadripper Pro 5000 lineup in March, with Hong Kong-based PC giant Lenovo as its exclusive launch partner, and the chip designer doesn’t expect other PC makers to get the parts until the second half of this year.

But even then, Lenovo’s ThinkStation P620 workstations were refreshed with Threadripper Pro 5000 chips at the end of March, and its website currently shows P620 systems only with previous-generation Threadripper Pro 3000 CPUs available.

“I have been assured that the CPU supply is not the issue regarding the ThinkStation systems,” a Lenovo spokesman told us.

Regardless, the situation seems to have created an imbalance in supply among workstation vendors, with some smaller companies worried they may lose out on sales to Lenovo while they wait for Threadripper Pro availability in the second half of the year.

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