Sunday, November 27th, 2022

AMD’s 5nm Next-Generation Zen 4 Ryzen & EPYC CPUs Rumored To Feature Over 25% IPC Increase

AMD Ryzen & EPYC CPUs Based on Next-Gen 5nm Zen 4 Cores Rumored To Feature Over 25% IPC Gain

The latest rumor comes from ChipsandCheese whose sources have reported them that Genoa, AMD’s next-generation server family, is going to be insanely fast compared to existing AMD EPYC offerings. The source also talks about Zen 3+ and Zen 5 but most of the information that has been shared is related to the Zen 4 core architecture.

The overall performance gain for the Genoa CPUs could very well be around 40% considering that the CPUs are going to feature more than just a core architecture upgrade. There will be increased clock speeds and also key improvements to the IMC along with support for faster DDR5 DIMMs and an improved interconnect fabric that will communicate with the several cores. The Zen 4 CPUs are stated to offer an increase in core count which was hinted by AMD’s CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, in a previous interview. The 4th Gen EPYC Genoa CPUs are expected to feature up to 96 cores though we could end up with an even higher number if AMD really wants to push the boundaries in the server CPU segment.

Lastly, for Zen 5, the information is based on a less reliable source, reports ChipsandCheese. The CPUs will offer another massive IPC gain which will be 2.5-3 times the IPC of Zen 1. That looks like one huge goal to achieve but given what AMD has achieved so far with Zen, nothing seems too impossible for the red team. Again, treat this information with a grain of salt but we will keep you updated as we hear more about AMD’s next-generation CPU architectures for Ryzen & EPYC CPUs.

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