Sunday, November 27th, 2022

GTX 1050 Ti Back From The Dead

GTX 1050 Ti Back From The Dead.

NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti is officially returning from the dead as NVIDIA struggles to meet overwhelming demand.

NVIDIA bringing Pascal GPUs back from the dead to stave off some of the supply

With cryptocurrencies booming, TSMC bottlenecked to high heaven and COVID-induced delays plaguing the supply chain, we are looking at one of the worst GPU markets in history (or the best, depending on your perspective). In fact, NVIDIA has decided to bring back a Pascal-based GPU that has been dead for over 2 years now: the GTX 1050 Ti.

The GP107, 4GB affair will certainly not win any performance benchmarks but will be able to seriously supplement NVIDIA’s bread and butter low-end shipments – which have been hit particularly hard. With the cost of Ampere GPUs high due to lack of materials, it makes sense for the company to shift the lower end lineups to an older architecture (at a very affordable price point). Unfortunately, however, this card, in 2021, will offer little more than just very basic gaming performance (at low settings, 1080p) and would likely only be bought by OEM builders that are looking to ship their units with the cheapest “discrete” graphics card possible.

We do not expect the market to improve until late 2021 (if at all) and you would best lookout for limited close-to-MSRP supply runs on large etailers like Amazon (or direct from AIBs) to secure a unit for yourself.

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