Monday, February 6th, 2023

Huawei’s 2021 smartphone production is 60% less compared to 2020

Huawei’s 2021 smartphone production is 60% less compared to 2020, Chinese news site claims that Huawei plans to make not much more than 80 million phones in 2021, as opposed to the ~189 million units it shipped in 2020.

This decision – in which Huawei might cut its output to just 80 or even 70 million units for this year – is apparently related to the dearth of 5G chipsets caused by the fall-out of a trade dispute with the US. The OEM might have seen a light at the end of this particular tunnel with Joe Biden’s confirmation as President – however, the latest word is his administration sees no reason to remove Huawei from the Entity List.

Therefore, Huawei might have no choice but to put the emphasis on lower-end, 4G-only phones in 2021. As for more premium units such as the P50 series, they might have to contend with Mate 40-series units for dwindling Kirin 9000 counts. This SoC crunch is probably just going to get even worse in light of the OEM’s plan to go ahead and launch the Mate X2 foldable phablet.

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