Monday, February 6th, 2023

Priority To Gamers Who Have Not Purchased An RTX 30 Series GPU

EVGA has recently updated information for customers wanting to purchase the RTX 30 series cards that will affect both new customers, and customers waiting in the queue system for cards already paid for.

Jacob, Product Manager for EVGA, posted an update about the current situation on their Forums page. The same information, but in a slight more detail, is on EVGA’s webstore for the RTX 30 Family of cards.

New customers looking to purchase an RTX 30 series card from EVGA specifically will be prioritized first. Essentially what this means is that gamers that have not even bought a single RTX 30 using the EVGA queuing system will be able to get ahead of gamers that have already utilized EVGA’s queuing system once. This basically means that EVGA is limiting the number of RTX 30 series GPUs anyone can purchase to one, because the only way you will get priority in the queue for a second RTX 30 purchase is if there are no accounts with 0 RTX 30 purchases (which is almost impossible). Gamers turn to queue systems of AIBs to ensure fairer prices when compared to the open market like Amazon and Newegg.

If you have already bought an RTX 30 card using EVGA’s queuing system once, you can either use the step-up program to upgrade to a better RTX 30 model or you can go to the open market (Amazon/Newegg) to try and get one there.

Gamers that have been waiting for a second RTX 30 purchase for a long time may not like this notification but considering this system was designed to ensure equitable distribution of GPUs, it is not surprising that they limited the qty to 1 per account. 

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